Welcome to the New Chair Notes!

Welcome to the new home of Chair Notes! I am very happy to finally have my website, store and blog in one place, I hope that you'll subscribe below. Rest assured, the older posts will remain at

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Starting this new site bekons me to look back ten years since I started this blog. Lots has happened and changed, but the drive and interest that brought me here in the first place still runs strong. I am excited to be working on new chairs, classes, tools and I can't believe I'm saying this, yes another book. Since starting the blog, I've steered away from my hermit tendencies and found a much better balance between my solo shop time and my community time. Sure, sometimes the transition can be rough, but it's nothing that a couple of days sleeping on the kitchen floor with my dogs can't cure.

IMG_0025 copy.jpg

Here is a recent rocker. Those of you at Handworks or Greenwoodfest got to see this one in process. There are some new aesthetic and technical details in this one that I will be sharing when I get some better pics.

Of course, right now, my main focus is on getting ready to teach classes at my new school in Rollinsford, NH. I'm outfitting the space specifically for teaching, which is a real pleasure, I think it will pay off to have a dedicated teaching space.


After making chairs for so many years, one can easily forget the magic of seeing it come together for the first time. I love seeing the chairs through the eyes of the students as they start to come together.

Here is Tomas at my most recent class at North Bennet Street. He came all the way from Munich to make a c-arm!

I'll be posting the progress of the school as it comes into being. I would love some feedback. If you get a chance, please leave a comment or contact me directly at and let me know what you think might improve the school, classes or schedule. I'd especially like to hear your ideas on class topics and what I can do to make it more possible for you to attend a class.  I've taught lots of classes in many environments over the years and have carefully noted what makes them work smoothly, but your input is much appreciated.


Georgie enjoyed the little bit of the eclipse that we saw