Finished Rocker

Here are a couple of shots of the completed rocker, although, I hadn't finished trimming the rockers to the rear leg yet. This one is before the fuming and finish.


This is the finished chair. I used Tru Oil on it, which was interesting to work with, almost like shellac. It built fast and very even. It's a gun stock oil and I use it, or other varnishes like Spar to help give a little amber depth to the newly fumed chair. A chair that is newly fumed can look a bit greenish brown and it takes a year or two to get that amazing amber tone, so the varnish helps nudge it along.


I am always tinkering with my designs, but this one is as done as I can imagine right now. After a few strides in this direction, I am very pleased with the proportions, aesthetics, process and comfort. I'll take some beauty shots soon and post them, there are lots of little moments that I want to document. I think that this will be a chair that I want to make for a long time.