New Plans!!!

Full Sized Plans for my Curved Leg Stool, featured in Fine Woodworking (issue 275) are now available for pre-order!!!

I’m very excited to be included in the June 2019 issue of Fine Woodworking and to be working with Jeff Lefkowitz to create full sized plans for the project. This project can be made with kiln dried woods and limited tooling. The plans will be printed on 4 mil. mylar and shipped rolled in a tube. The plans include front and side elevations, the seat pattern, the three different styles of turning patterns (one could be shaved) and the plans and patterns for the bending forms. They are soon to be complete and I am now accepting pre-orders. This is one of my favorite designs to build and have around, I hope to be ready to ship them out in a matter of weeks. The plans are $58 plus shipping.

You can place your pre-order below.

$54 plus shipping

$54 plus shipping

Chairmaker's Notebook

written and illustrated by Peter Galbert

At 406 pages, “Chairmaker’s Notebook” is an in-depth look at the craft from the hand of a professional chairmaker, teacher and artist. During the last 15 years, Galbert has developed processes, tools and ways of understanding joinery that have simplified the way people build chairs using hand tools. He has traveled the world to teach his techniques to other chairmakers. And he spent more than three years drawing out every step of the process for the illustrations in “Chairmaker’s Notebook.”

The result is a book on chairmaking that starts with understanding a single stick you would find on a walk in the woods and takes you into advanced areas of the chair craft that no other book has ventured.

Like all Lost Art Press books, “Chairmaker’s Notebook” is produced entirely in the United States. The text is printed on heavy #80 matte 8.5" x 11" paper, and its signatures are sewn together and then bound in cloth tape to last several lifetimes. The book is hardbound, covered in cloth and a heavy full-color dust jacket.

The book is also available for download as a pdf. If you need a tutorial on adding our digital books to your iPad, click here.

Full-size plans for the chairs featured in this book are available for purchase here.