Moving Forward

As I mentioned in the last post, I just returned from Kentucky/Ohio where I shot a video. It was a great experience and I hope the product shows it. But now, something even more special has happened, I am actually getting some much needed shop time. I'm making and cementing the details and process for a new rocker. I am very excited and will share the progress as I go.



Here is a positioning jig to help with the reaming of the bent rear posts. While I was out in the midwest, I spoke with Megan Fitzpatrick about a series of articles on bending turnings that I've been considering. I am having lots of interesting developments in my turned and bent parts that I look forward to sharing.

Here is a shot of the all important rotation reference. When reaming in bent parts, it's vital to rotate them correctly and the same as the process goes on.



I've been restless in my desire to push this work forward. Stay tuned to watch the progress.

When I was in Kentucky, I got to roam around  the city as well as enjoy Chris Schwarz's workshop.

Here are some pics of the shop and the town. The architecture is wonderful and sets a great scene.



And for those interested in keeping up with my rescue pup Georgia, she's doing great. Settling in and starting to thrive and overcome the crippling fears that she had when meeting new folks. But last week she had a snag (literally) that cost her some discomfort and me a load of cash.


But she's a tough gal and has taken it all in stride.


How I missed that loose wire in the fence, I'll never know, but she's a quick healer and spunky as ever.