Tools for Chairmaking

When I began making chairs, I made many of my own tools, out of necessity and curiosity. I continued to develop these tools and wanted to make them available to other makers. I enlisted the aid of Claire Minihan and Tim Manney to complete the process of designing and producing the tools. I can proudly say that their efforts have produced tools that perform better than I had hoped and are serving makers around the world.

These tools are produced by hand, contact Claire ( ) and Tim ( for availability.


The travisher is used to refine the seat carving. They can take a deep carving cut or whispy shaving, simply by shifting the position of the tool. The curved sole gives consistency to the shaping of the seat.



By converting straight mortises to accept tapered tenons, the reamer is essential to the joinery in chairmaking. This tool takes light cuts to give extra control and accuracy when refining the angles of various parts.