Crested Rocker Success Stories

We just finished up an advanced chair class building the Crested Rocker. Honestly, I was a bit nervous going into this one. The students all had experience, but many of the techniques that I've developed over the years to make it all work were untested on students. I am thrilled that all the chairs were a smashing success, comfortable and beautiful!!!

Here's some pics.


I will definitely be offering this again next year. I will probably add a day or two to the class to give plenty of time to focus on the details. The process that I teach in this class is really a language of using references to build any chair you might like, it's all about being able to design within a geometric framework that will make a great chair, regardless of the aesthetics that you choose. Of course, some experience is required because so much time must be dedicated to the finer points.



I'll be announcing new classes soon. I hope to do this rocker class as a birdcage, crested and perhaps even a design class with a special guest instructor. Stay tuned for more details


If you are looking for the experience that will enable you to take one of these classes, check out my August class at North Bennet Street School, there are still openings!