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*Please Note* Class enrollment won't start until 12 noon, please don't send requests prior to then to give everyone an equal chance, thanks!

Here is a list of an added 2018 class and the classes that I'll be offering in the first 7 months of the 2019. I have spaced them out a bit more (more chair time for me) and added more days to each class to give us plenty of time to get all the info out, work done and petting of Georgia that we need to do. The classes this year have been spectacular, I can't say enough about the joy that it's brought me to have folks in my shop, learning, working and sharing. All classes are still 4 students, except at North Bennet where we have 8 and an assistant.

Please contact me soon if you want to enroll, some classes fill very fast and I want everyone to have a chance.

*Please note, this schedule starts with a class in December 2018 that I've added. It's a comb back class from December 1-8.*


Comb Back Arm Chair, December 1-8 (8 Days) Tuition $1900


Class 1: Continuous Arm Chair, February 10-16 (7 Days) tuition $1750

Class 2: Rod Back Rocking Chair, March 23-31  (9 Days) tuition $2400

Class 3: Comb Back Arm Chair, May 5-12 (8 Days) tuition $1900

Class 4: Side Chair (Fan or Balloon Back), June 17-23 (7 Days) tuition $1700

Class 5: Continuous Arm Chair at North Bennet Street School, July 27-Aug 3 (8 Days) tuition $1850 (enrollment through

Please visit my "schedule" page on to see more info on the classes and contact me with any questions.

I will be adding more classes to the 2019 schedule after the new year, I hope to see you there!