New Year and some New Classes!

It’s been an exceedingly busy January for me, teaching 17 students at North Bennet Street, shooting an article for Fine Woodworking (out in April) and designing an exciting settee for some clients. I am also adding some new classes for the year. You can check them out on my site and enrollment begins on Jan 29th at 8 am. I’ve added

A turning intensive in June

A Continuous Arm Class in August

TWO classes with Bern Chandley and me in Sept and Oct

and a Comb Back in December.

I also now have a couple of slots in the side chair class in June open for enrollment immediately.

All of this will take place in my new workshop at the mill, it’s more than twice the size of the last one. It didn’t take long to outgrow the old shop, but it served me very well as I got the ball rolling. Now we will have plenty of space to do our work and an afternoon light that is truly inspiring.


This light has really kept me hustling in the late winter days!

I’ve been working on a special settee with a former student, Aspen Golann. She is about to graduate North Bennet Street and brought in a great commission for us to scratch our heads over. Here is a drawing of the curved, fan back settee.


The article that I wrote for Fine Woodworking is on my curve legged stool. It’s one of my favorite designs and I am happy to get it out there. I am working with my former student, Jeff Lefkowitz (who does plans for Curtis as well as others), to make some plans that will be ready sometime in March or April.


As you can tell, I am excited for the new year, new classes and all that is going on, I hope to see you at the shop or at Fine Woodworking events in Tampa and Southbridge!

Sign Up Now for New Chair Making Classes!


*Please Note* Class enrollment won't start until 12 noon, please don't send requests prior to then to give everyone an equal chance, thanks!

Here is a list of an added 2018 class and the classes that I'll be offering in the first 7 months of the 2019. I have spaced them out a bit more (more chair time for me) and added more days to each class to give us plenty of time to get all the info out, work done and petting of Georgia that we need to do. The classes this year have been spectacular, I can't say enough about the joy that it's brought me to have folks in my shop, learning, working and sharing. All classes are still 4 students, except at North Bennet where we have 8 and an assistant.

Please contact me soon if you want to enroll, some classes fill very fast and I want everyone to have a chance.

*Please note, this schedule starts with a class in December 2018 that I've added. It's a comb back class from December 1-8.*


Comb Back Arm Chair, December 1-8 (8 Days) Tuition $1900


Class 1: Continuous Arm Chair, February 10-16 (7 Days) tuition $1750

Class 2: Rod Back Rocking Chair, March 23-31  (9 Days) tuition $2400

Class 3: Comb Back Arm Chair, May 5-12 (8 Days) tuition $1900

Class 4: Side Chair (Fan or Balloon Back), June 17-23 (7 Days) tuition $1700

Class 5: Continuous Arm Chair at North Bennet Street School, July 27-Aug 3 (8 Days) tuition $1850 (enrollment through

Please visit my "schedule" page on to see more info on the classes and contact me with any questions.

I will be adding more classes to the 2019 schedule after the new year, I hope to see you there!

New 2019 Class Schedule...Scheduled!

I will be announcing my class schedule for next year on Monday at 12 noon. It will be posted on my website and this blog page. I learned last year that it was a good idea to give everyone a chance to sign up by having a set time. I will most likely be adding a few turning intensives throughout the year, but for now, I have scheduled 8 chair classes. I am extending all of my classes by 1-2 days to be sure that folks have all the time that they need to get the work done and cover all the topics with a comfortable pace.

Thanks to all the students who've come out and made this year so spectactular. I've had nothing but great times working with you and am looking forward to another great year!

Here are a few pics from the most recent comb back class, it was a great class and I am going to teach it twice next year!


Tired but happy on the last day

Tired but happy on the last day

Craig's chair, looking sharp!

Craig's chair, looking sharp!

And lil Georgia is making friends much more easily. All of the students got plenty of pets in! Remember to check back here or at my schedule page Monday the 23rd for all the new classes. They fill fast and are first come first serve.

And lil Georgia is making friends much more easily. All of the students got plenty of pets in! Remember to check back here or at my schedule page Monday the 23rd for all the new classes. They fill fast and are first come first serve.