Peter Galbert Workshops

Classes for Fall 2017

It has long been a dream of mine to tailor a space specifically for instructing so I'm very excited to be announcing the start of this new venture. This space will be dedicated to hosting in depth courses in chair making as well as other types of woodworking and craft, always with an emphasis on the students experience. Classes will be limited to 4 students to ensure that each student receives the personal attention attuned to their abilities and interest.

Chair making classes will cover all aspects of making the chair including:

  • Splitting, handling and storing green wood
  • Wood drying and technology
  • Tools and Sharpening
  • Shaving and Shaping Parts
  • Chair Design
  • Turning (While turnings will be provided, there will be extensive demonstrations on the turning processes.)
  • Drilling, Reaming
  • Bending
  • Joinery
  • Seat Carving
  • Assembly
  • Finish (demonstration)

Class times will run from 9-6 daily, but after hours access will be available to ensure that the students have enough time to explore and learn at a comfortable pace.

I have currently scheduled two classes for the fall of 2017 and look forward to creating a schedule for next year, to be announced in early October. The calendar shows the dates and for more details on each class, please visit the Schedule page or contact me here.


The School is located at:

The Mills at Salmon Falls, 3 Front Street in Rollinsford, NH, on the border with South Berwick, ME in studio 137, overlooking the river.


For lodgings, check the hotels in nearby Dover, NH or you will find lots of options on by searching Rollinsford, NH.